A Guide to Historical Fiction for Young Adults

This is a guide to the genre of historical fiction for young adults. It began as a final project for Pratt LIS 697: YA Genre Drama, Summer 2012. 

Definition: Historical fiction creates a strong sense of setting, in terms of place and time, immersing the reader in the events and society of a bygone time. But there’s more to it than that. There are even arguments and questions.

Subgenres and Book Recommendations

Subgenres of historical fiction: An overview and a sampling of a few different genres.

Each of the subgenres above includes a few book recommendations and authors to use as a starting point.
The Big List of Lists: Lists of books and reviews, arranged by topic, genre, and, to be honest, whim.

About Historical Fiction As a Genre:

The appeal of historical fiction: What is the appeal of historical fiction? Why are readers drawn to the experience of reading it? What Joyce Saricks has to say about appeal factors  Why historical fiction appeals to teens.

Resources and References


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