Time Periods and Subgenres: Honnold

How Rosemary Honnold breaks down the

Prehistory to 1899 includes:

  • Prehistoric to 475 A.D.,
  • Middle Ages/ 476-1499,
  • The Renaissance 1500-1700
  • Colonial America
  • Salem Witch Trials
  • Pioneer/Frontier Life
  • Great Britain/1600-1899
  • Revolutionary War
  • Pre Civil War
  • Civil War
  • Post Civil War.

The next chapter breaks down history from 1899 to the present:

  • 1900-WWI
  • Great Depression/ Pre WWII,
  • WWII
  • Holocaust
  • 1950s/Post WWII
  • 1960s/Civil Rights Movement
  • 1970s/ Vietnam War
  • 1980s-1990s.


se subgenres in historical fiction, in The Teen Reader’s Advisor

image from WorldCat.org


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