Time Periods and Subgenres: Rabey

Rabey’s Historical Fiction for Teens is organized down to a granular level, not just by time period, but also by region, as well as some appealing subgenres that transcend time period, like historical mystery and historical fantasy. She also makes an excellent case for time travel as a subgenre of young adult historical fiction.

Here’s a look at her extremely specific index:

  • Traditional historical fiction : world history:
    • Ancient Lands: Before the Common Era
    • Asia: Medieval to Modern Times
    • Austalia: 20th century
    •  Middle East: Ancient to Modern Times
    • Crusades: 1095-1291;
    •  Africa, Fourteenth Century to Today
    • Europe:
      •  Before 1000 CE,
      •  Middle Ages,
      • Renaissance and Reformation
      • Revolution and Napoleon: 1700-1900
      • Modern Times
    • Britain
      • Medieval Darkness: Before 1100
      • Middle Ages: 1100-1500
      • The Tudor Era 1500-1600
      • Revolution and Recovery: 1600-1800
      • The Regency and the Victorian Era: 1800-1900
      • Modern Times: 1900-1980
  • Traditional historical fiction: history of the Americas
    • Early Exploration 1500-1600
    • Colonial Life: 1600-1776
    • Native Americans, Captives and Conflicts, 1700s
    • American Revolution: 1776-1800
    • A New Nation: 1800-1900
    • Slavery: 1800-1863
    • Westward Expansion: 1848-1920
    • The Gold Rush 1848-1900
    • Pioneers on the Frontier 1854-1920
    • The Civil War: 1861-1865
    • Modern Times: 1900-1980
    • A Wave of Immigrants: 1900-1925
    • Civil Rights: 1920-1970
    • The Great Depression: 1930s
    • World War II
    • Vietnam War
  • Historical mysteries: Broken down into traditional, cozy and noir
  • Historical adventures: Seafarers and pirates, spies, travelers, warriors
  • Historical fantasy: Fantastic creatures and abilities, romantic historical fantasy, Greek mythology, Arthurian Legend, Alternate worlds
  • Time travel
  • Other resources
  • Appendix A. Award-winning historical fiction
  • Appendix B. Some thematic book lists.



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